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Fliteboard Series 2.2

Everything before has come to this moment.

Our obsession to simplify and perfect has brought us here. Fliteboard Series 2.2

It’s the ultimate ride, refined.


High performance versatility.

$12,495 USD excl. GST, excl. shipping

Our most popular board planes early yet remains agile for advanced riders. Quality construction and modular design means you can teach friends, or add advanced wings to progress your ride.


Game on

$12,495 USD excl. GST, excl. shipping

With superior responsiveness, the Pro is purposefully designed for those with previous board-sports experience.


World’s most extreme eFoil

$12,495 USD excl. GST, excl. shipping

The ULTRA is an adrenaline machine. At just 4 foot 2 inches, the reduced swing weight lets you push the limits.


Built for the toughest adventures. Even learning.

$12,495 USD excl. GST, excl. shipping

Our most buoyant, stable and durable board. Perfect for families, yachts, Fliteschools and resorts.

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