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The Ultimate eFoil Redefined

The Fliteboard Series 3 has landed. The best all-rounder for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support early aquaplaning. Now starting at $9,995

SERIES 2.2 steps ahead

SERIES 3 steps ahead

More technology.
More freedom.
More adventure.

Which Fliteboard is right for you?

Fliteboard Air Series 3

AIR is ideal for yachts, Fliteschools, resorts and families. Increased buoyancy and stability make it the perfect eFoil for beginners and heavier or older riders.

Fliteboard 100 Series 3

— 5’8″ 100 litres
— Bestseller
— Versatile
— Early planing

All riders

Fliteboard is our best selling board for any level of experience and riding style. Turn rivers, lakes and oceans into your playground.

Fliteboard Pro Series 3

PRO is responsive, maneuverable and can journey with you from enthusiast to pro. It’s the ultimate choice for those with previous boardsports experience or lighter weight riders.

Fliteboard Ultra Black Series 3

Level up with the 4’2″ ULTRA.
Minimal swing weight combined with a 31.5″ mast and footstraps lets you test the limits of what’s possible on an eFoil.

Fliteboard Ultra Lightweight Gold Series 3

How do you beat the world’s best eFoil? With a lighter, more agile version. For a responsive ride like a surf foil, with the power of an eFoil.


The freedom of Flite, with handlebars for balance and stability.

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