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Fliteboard Ultra Lightweight Gold Series 3


The world’s lightest production eFoil

incl. True Glide Prop, Choice of Flow wing,
Flitecell Nano, Fast 13.5A charger

50.6lbs complete

Carbon fiber battery box

Gold mast and board


Limited Time Offer

Purchase of this set up will include a Free Lesson & initial build up so that you familiarize yourself on how to properly set up and carry when built.



Prop Swap

Swap systems in seconds to
offer the best of both worlds
(patent pending)

Prop vs Jet


  • Safest ride
  • Smoothest ride
  • Most Stable
  • Larger Wings
  • 900W
  • 2 hour run time

Prop (Prop Duct)

  • Mast thrust
  • Efficient
  • Prop protection
  • Small wings
  • Virtual gears
  • 720W
  • 2.5 hour run time

Prop (True Glide + Pro Tail Cover)

  • Max efficiency
  • Max speed
  • 600W
  • 3 hour run time

This set up will include a Nano battery & fast charger. Please reach out to us if you need to upgrade battery prior to purchase.**

Additional information


Black 75, Silver 75


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