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Beginner eFoilers!

Just Foil LA’s Top Tips for Beginner eFoilers

New to eFoiling? Congratulations! You’re about to have THE most fun of your life. Whenever we try to explain how it feels, words escape us. But here it goes. It’s like if skateboarding was really easy… and you could do it floating above water… on another planet… if that makes sense? In this short guide for beginners, we’ll share valuable tips to help you get started and move forward confidently towards your next adventure!

Choose the Right Equipment

Before you take to the water, it’s crucial to select the right Fliteboard configuration that suits your skill level and style. Fliteboard offers a range of configurations to cater to riders of all experience levels. As a beginner, it’s recommended to opt for larger boards with larger wings, providing a steady learning platform. These are designed to offer better stability and forgiveness for early riders, making it easier to get started and build confidence. We can help you find the perfect fit based on your experience level, riding goals, and preferences. 

Learn the Fundamentals

While eFoiling becomes intuitive once you get the hang of it, learning the proper techniques is essential for a successful and safe start. We can teach you the fundamentals, safety practices, and riding techniques needed. We’ll guide you through step-by-step instructions, offer feedback, and ensure you avoid common mistakes, significantly reducing the learning curve and helping you build confidence in your skills.

Safety First

Although eFoiling is an incredible adventure, safety should always be your top priority! You’ll need a quality helmet, a personal floatation device (PFD), and consider wearing impact vests and wetsuits for added protection. Don’t worry, we can provide you with all of the above! Before heading out, always check the weather conditions, tidal currents, and wind strength. Avoid eFoiling in adverse situations such as strong winds, thunderstorms, or areas with heavy boat traffic.

Master the Basics of Balancing

Balancing is key! When on the board, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, maintaining a low center of gravity. Keep your knees slightly bent and your weight centered over the board. To practice balancing, start on land to get a feel for the board’s stability, weight distribution, and stance. Once you feel more confident, transition to shallow waters and gradually progress to deeper areas.

Learn to Control the Speed

Controlling the speed of your eFoil only takes a little bit of practice. As a beginner, start at a slow pace and gradually increase speed as you gain confidence and control. Fliteboards use a handheld Flite Controller to manage their speed and are built with a cruise control experience in mind! Mastering speed control allows you to ride with ease and respond to changing conditions effectively. As you become more advanced, you’ll enjoy the ability to cruise at your preferred pace or even experience the thrill of high-speed eFoiling.

Embrace Falling as Part of the Process

As a beginner, expect to take a few spills along the way – it’s all part of the learning process! Embrace falls with a positive mindset, as they provide valuable opportunities to learn from mistakes and improve your technique. Remember, even seasoned eFoil riders encounter falls occasionally, so don’t be discouraged if you lose your balance. Get back up, keep riding, and celebrate every milestone along your journey.

Practice Proper Foot Positioning

Proper foot placement is huge for any board sport and will change depending on your experience level. While you’re a beginner, follow these steps:

  • Place your front foot on the upper corner of the pad, toes pointing straight ahead (12 o’clock).
  • Position your back foot on the lower opposite corner, pointing to 1-2 o’clock or 10-11 o’clock, depending on whether your left or right foot is in front. 
  • Keep your shoulders squared to the front of the board (12 o’clock) and maintain a slightly bent posture in both knees.
  • Lean slightly forward for better control and stability.

One common mistake for beginners is to lean back while eFoiling. However, it’s crucial to resist this inclination and instead, focus on leaning slightly forward. Leaning forward helps you maintain control and stability, especially during takeoff. 

Ready, GO!

Congratulations, you’re not prepared with some valuable knowledge needed to start your adventure. Embrace the learning journey! Most people get the hang of eFoiling within an hour.  Follow these tips, learn the fundamentals, and prioritize safety to progress confidently!

Remember, everyone starts as a beginner! eFoiling is the fastest growing water sport globally and once you try it, you’ll see why.